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City that I Like #1: Philadelphia

April 14, 2008

Cartoonist's rendering of John Lieber last seasonOK Folks. I know this comes as a surprise as a first City that I Like, but I’m working up to the big one with some smaller ones.

Not that Philadelphia is a little guy in any way, shape, or form. It’s a damn good city.

My Experience There: I went down to visit for about a half a week last Summer as part of my tour of the Middle-Atlantic before I went to Butt-kley. My original thoughts going into there were “I have a couple friends in the area, and it’s a short bus ride to NY so it will be easy to swing both,” but it’s actually a good stand-alone city in its own right (redundancy intended). Its only problems are that:

  1. It’s padded on several sides by scary-ass ghettos like the head of an amateur boxer during a sparring match,  and
  2. It blooms too close to the HGH-infused-dandelion-from-Hell known as New York City. Seriously. If you took Philly and put it right in the Bay Area somewhere, it would kick Frisco’s ass AND out-ghetto Oakland. Besides, I’d take Boyz II Men and Rocky over The Counting Crows and Dontrelle “on the DL” Willis any day.

The main part of it is great though. There’s more than enough museums to fill my culture quota, lovely parks, Yuengling, and committed-yet-extremely-unlucky sports fans (though it must be noted how quickly Phillies Phans turn on their players if they are sucking. For the game I saw where John Lieber (pictured) gave up a ton of runs, in the next half-inning when he was at bat someone in the crowd yelled “Just get a walk! Then you can eat a box of donuts later!”). They also have an un-intimidating gay neighborhood, and Philadelphia is the location of the BEST 80’s night I have ever been to (though that’s mostly because the DJ played Eddie Murphy’s song “Party All the Time“)

Unfortunately both of the people I visited in Philly are currently in South America (odd, no?), so it may be a while before I go back. I totally will though. It’s too fun a town not to.

Final Score: 8/10. I’m definitely visiting again, I’d love to bike around it’s quaint streets and lovely parks, and I could see myself moving there for a high-paying job and/or true love.